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Joel Marion Review

On the Cheat to Lose Diet, more carbs are added to your diet with each day of the week, until you arrive at your cheat day on the seventh day. Again, this diet tricks the body into continuously raising your levels of fat-burning hormones, helping to melt fat fast.

The diet is done in combination with a cardio exercise program that burns fat at a higher level than normal cardio regimens. Marion also provides menus and recipes to help dieters to know exactly what their nutritional needs are and make sure they never get bored or run out of ideas for what to eat within the program.

The advantage of both of these diets is that they allow the dieter to continue eating their favorite foods once a week. Because the diet does not feel restrictive and allows for a bit of culinary enjoyment, it is easier to stick with it, especially as you watch the pounds and fat melt away.

Joel Marion is a well-known fitness and health expert. He has published many books and articles on dieting and fitness, and has been named one of America's Top Fifty Personal Trainers.

His diet programs are designed for both men and women, and are some of the best diets to lose weight fast. Marion's focus is on diets that offer a "cheat" day.

His theory is that when you take in highly caloric foods, your body produces increased levels of leptin. This hormone controls metabolism and fat burning.

Most diet programs acknowledge that reducing calories will decrease metabolism because your body reacts in a starvation mode. Marion's diet takes advantage of the reverse of that impact, and purposely overloads on calories and fat on one cycle day in order to get your metabolism burning at a faster pace than normal.

Joel Marion Diets

Joel Marion has created two different, highly effective diets based on the premise of raising metabolic levels by manipulating the hormone leptin. One is called The Cheat to Lose Diet, and the other is called the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is a 25 day diet that takes the dieter through five, five-day cycles. The diet starts with a cheat day, in which you are allowed to eat as much as you want in combination with a workout designed to help maintain muscle density. The cheat day is followed by a fast day. Marion's theory is that the increased levels of leptin created on the cheat day will raise your metabolism to a sky high level, and if you provide a fast day afterwards with a deficit in normal calories, you will increase the impact of your leptin-increased metabolism.

The workout on the fast day is specifically targeted at burning the fat you took in the day before, using it for energy. The other three days of the diet are devoted to a Shake Day, in which all of your nutrition comes from a low calorie shake, a carb-loading day during which 40 percent of your calories from carbohydrates, and a protein only day designed to set you up for your cheat day.

Each day has a targeted exercise routine to maximize the impact of that day's nutritional schedule. Marion claims that you can lose twenty five pounds in twenty five days on this diet, making it one of the best diet plans to lose weight fast.

Joel Marion Cheat To Lose Diet

Joel Marion's other diet, the Cheat to Lose Diet, follows the same basic theory as the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, with similarly successful results. Both of these are diets that work fast; the difference is that the Cheat to Lose Diet uses a seven day cycle.


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