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Internet Made Simple Review

The main emphasis of the program is that it is not a restrictive or 'starvation' diet; rather than putting you through calorie counting or learning about macronutrients, the Fatloss4idiots program focuses on calorie shifting, putting different foods together in different configurations that will force your body to burn calories at a higher metabolic rate.

This simple, easy-to follow program is one of the most successful diets available, and claims that you will lose up to nine pounds in eleven days.

Internet Made Simple Fatloss4idiots

Fatloss4idiots is an inexpensive program, which is in large part due to the fact that once it provides the dietary calculator and the meal plan, you are on your own; there is no online support, no newsletter or blog, and no exercise plan.

This is ideal for busy, independent dieters who do not need or want much attention and who just want a straightforward, easy to follow program. Once you've signed up online and have downloaded the software, Fatloss4idiots provides you with an extensive list of foods from which you are supposed to select your favorites.

The list consists of 23 vegetables and starches, along with 23 proteins; the items on this list may surprise you, as they include a few items that would normally be forbidden on a traditional diet, including cold cuts and bacon.

Once you have chosen between seven and fifteen items from each list, the program's software assembles an eleven day diet program. The dieter is told to eat four meals based on the program each day, with a minimum two and a half hour span between each meal.

No quantities are provided or recommended; even the meals are presented in the simplest way possible, with recipes only provided for foods that aren't able to be eaten as they are. The only instruction is that you should eat until you are almost full and that you should follow the eleven-day program and then follow it with a three day cheat break, during which you can eat anything you want.

After the break, you can start the diet again as many times as you like until you have lost all the weight you want to.

Internet Made Simple Fatloss4idiots Review

The Fatloss4idiots diet also provides a list of items that you're allowed to have with your meals, including no calorie condiments, diet sodas, coffee and tea, lots of water (no less than ten glasses per day), and even a glass of wine each day.

The secret to the diet is in the combinations of foods; lean proteins and carbs are eaten at varying ratios each day to trick your body into working itself into a higher metabolic rate. With the diet being so easy, it is no wonder that it is one of the most effective diet plans available.

No counting calories or carbs, no concerns about low fat or exercise, and big diet results. The Fatloss4idiots diet works for men and women, and becomes even more effective if used in combination with a moderate exercise program.

Fatloss4idiots is an internet based diet that is unlike any other on the market. Unlike the diets created by fitness and nutritional experts and bodybuilders,

Fatloss4idiots was created by an entrepreneur named Gilbert Rafael Fuentes who had struggled with weight gain his entire life. Once he found success with the diet, he wanted to share it with everybody, so now it is sold through a company called Internet Made Simple, located in Lake Forest, California. The diet has also been known as Weight Loss 4 Idiots.

The FatLoss4Idiots diet is strictly nutritionally based; it introduces no exercise routine and makes no recommendations for resistance training, fat-burning exercises or cardio, although it does encourage brisk walking and general fitness.


Internet Made Simple Fatloss4idiots