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Hollywood Cookie Diet Reviews

Hollywood Cookie Diet Reviews

If you are looking at investing money in a new diet and have heard that the Hollywood Cookie diet is the
most effective diet it's a good idea you’re here to check out Hollywood Cookie diet reviews first. As a nutritionist I spend my life trying, testing and reviewing the best diets for quick weight loss - it's my job. But lately I am getting tired of seeing people getting ripped off just by celebrity endorsements and marketing. Here I review the Hollywood Cookie Diet and Dr. Siegal's cookie diet (as they are one in the same), so that before you spend you hard earned cash on MORE cookies, you are well informed.

How Does The Hollywood Cookie Diet And Dr Siegals Cookie Diet Work?

Each day you can eat 4 - 6 cookies along with a healthy low fat dinner of 600 calories. The theory is that because people consider cookies a treat, and that some dieters are unsuccessful due to diet restrictions, eating cookies will keep the dieter on track for longer.

The diet works by lowering your calorie intake to between 1000- 1200 calories. This is a very low calorie day, but the cookies have ingredients aimed at causing satiation such as oats and flours. So if you eat the cookies apparently you should feel less hungry.

Hollywood Cookie Diet Reviews Dr Siegal's Diet Reviews

You know what? You could save yourself over $200 a month by making yourself some good old oatmeal cookies and eating six of those a day. This diet is a marketing ploy targeting overweight people's weakness - cookies.

By telling people they can lose weight and eat cookies, cookie lovers pay out their hard earned cash to these companies. The truth is, that this is just a low calorie diet. You could go to any supermarket, purchase a packet of 60 calorie each cookies for $2 (most cookies would be fine), eat one or two cookies a couple of hours apart plus a 600 calorie dinner and you would lose weight!

Do not listen to the endorsements from people saying they were not hungry! Anyone who is surviving on 1000 calories a day will be hungry! It's science! You would be eating less calories than your body needs, therefore using stored fat in your body to function. This alone makes you hungry. The other down side about this diet, is that long term it would be impossible and it offers no long term solutions.

There is only so long that anyone can eat only cookies all day - no matter how many flavours that they come in! It is a scam - don't waste your money.

So, What Can You Do Instead?

Thank you for listening to my Hollywood cookie diet and Dr Siegal's diet reviews because you have many better diet options. Opt for a diet plan of three nutritious servings of food a day. Food that will nourish your body and give you new energy rather than depleting it.

When looking at diets that work fast, also choose one which will enhance your lifestyle and encourage you to exercise.
The best diets to lose weight fast will always include an exercise regime for people of all fitness levels. Losing weight means changing your attitude towards food and exercise by gaining new information - not by eating cookies!

The best diet plans to lose weight fast generally now come with online support and forums so that you can seek motivation from experts and from other people working hard to change their lifestyles - just like you!

Check out the Top 10 diet list (above right sidebar) where you'll find sensible diet plans which I have tried and thoroughly recommend. Now, bite a chocolate chip cookie while you look at these plans and good luck on your quest for weight loss!