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Craig Ballantyne Review

The book provided with the purchase of the Turbulence Training program provides exacting instructions on the different exercises that the program prescribes. The exercises themselves are described in steps that include photos and information on what muscles are being worked, and the instructions include not only the order that the exercises should be done in but also the amount of time between each exercise, the number of reps, and the number of times each cycle should be done.

The workout changes every four weeks to prevent weight loss plateaus, and also provides a one week break after twelve weeks of exercise. The exercises utilize your own body weight, in addition to barbells, light weights and an exercise ball, none of which require a gym membership or major investment, and which take up little space in your home. The program also provides extensive online support, from a weight loss forum to technical information on the proper way to perform the various exercises and how to get more out of your workout. The diet itself is not restrictive, and emphasizes healthy organic choices. Overall, this is one of the most successful diets because of the quick results, extensive support and effective exercise regimen.

Turbulence Training is an extremely effective exercise program created by Craig Ballantyne. The program uses resistance training done in rapidly repeated cycles to burn fat and maintain lean muscle.

Instead of the typical cardiovascular exercise, this program provides strength training which creates a metabolic boost that burns twice as much fat, so all that's needed is three quick workouts per week to see results. For weight loss, the program provides nutritional information as well as three month access to a dynamic weight loss forum providing the most effective diet advice available.

Craig Ballantyne Turbulence Training Program

The Turbulence Training Program was created by Craig Ballantyne. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a graduate degree in Exercise Physiology from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. Craig has authored numerous articles that have appeared in fitness magazines, and is well-respected for his knowledge and innovation in the field of fat-burning exercise.

His program requires no previous level of exercise expertise. It offers a program of resistance exercises that can be done at home with very little equipment rather than utilizing cardiovascular exercise such as walking, running, cycling or swimming. The program is done just three times per week, for about forty five minutes at a time, and offers levels ranging from beginner to intermediate to advanced, plus a more extreme deluxe level for fitness fanatics.

The short amount of time required for each workout makes it the quickest way to lose belly fat, and is particularly attractive to people with limited amounts of time who are looking for maximum results.

Craig Ballantyne Turbulence Training Ebook

Turbulence Training is available as an internet download only. For a $39.95 investment you get a 76-page ebook filled with 16 weeks of workout routines, an hour long mp3 download, and a four week workout that uses your body weight alone. It also provides a thirty day workout guide, a nutritional guideline and a bonus workout that combines the use of free weights with your body weight in what Ballantyne refers to as a fusion workout. The extensive options make sure that this workout never gets boring, and the fast pace insures that the fat loss is extreme. Overall, this is one of those diets that really work because it provides so much stimulation, along with a healthy fat-burning workout that will make a difference you will be able to see and feel.

Craig Ballantyne Turbulence Training Book


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