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Coffee Diet

The coffee in the diet is simply used to assist in feeling full, working on the theory that diet plans to lose weight fast are those based on the reduction of calories.
Coffee Diet Reviews

My Coffee Diet Review? Spend your money on three cups of coffee instead! You could read the book in the time it takes to drink one cup! The book is a quick read because basically you can skip most of and just read Chapter 10 which outlines the plan of sensible eating while drinking green bean coffee.

John D. Greene is having a laugh! His idea is no different from the Cookie Diet. He has taken one of the major human vices (coffee), combined it with one of the worlds biggest problems (losing weight) and written a really stupid book to make some money. Diets involving calories in, calories out are now old school and are not necessarily the best diet plans for women.

Problems with the Coffee Diet

The first problem with the coffee diet, is that the weight loss associated with doing the diet, will have very little to do with drinking coffee other than a reduction of precious body fluids. Making coffee is certainly a great distraction from eating, and it does the curb the appetite by giving a sensation of satisfaction, but it is certainly not one of the
best diets to lose weight fast. Cutting calories will result in weight loss, which as I said earlier is the real basis of the so-called Coffee Diet.

Another problem is coffee itself. The
quickest way to lose belly fat is to reduce the amount of toxins stored in your fat. Drinking coffee actually CAUSES a build up of harmful toxins, leading to cellulite and stubborn fat. Those who really want to diet for quick weight loss are generally advised to avoid drinking more than one cup of coffee a day for this reason.

Also, have you ever drank five cups of coffee without having to rush to the toilet every five minutes? Coffee is a diuretic and forces precious fluids to be flushed out of your body. In order to combat the diuretic effects of coffee on your body while on the Coffee Diet, you would need to drink at least two glasses of filtered water for each cup of coffee you drink.

Coffee Diet Weight Loss

The Coffee Diet weight loss statistics are not in! The author as a few flimsy testimonials on his website and in his book, but none of them mention actual weight loss. Realistically, it is a low calorie diet so if you chose to do it, you would lose weight. If you are looking for
diets that work fast, based on a mixture of metabolic typing, nutritional analysis and exercise, then grab a coffee and check out the Top 10 REAL diets (above right sidebar) that I have personally tested and recommend.

Lastly, have you ever tried to sleep after a day of serious coffee drinking, and especially when drinking coffee late at night? For most people it is a near impossible challenge. The coffee diet is likely to make you feel tired and cranky. Don't do it.

Coffee Diet

coffee diet by John D. Greene is based on the very simple principle that coffee speeds up the metabolism and has appetite suppressing properties. Therefore, if you are coffee lover looking at diets for quick weight loss you might be tempted to try the Coffee Diet. But wait! As a dietician interested in diet plans for women, I bought the book and put it to the test. This is what I found.

Coffee Diet Plan

The Coffee Diet Plan requires that you drink five cups of coffee a day after meals and you can drink it with milk and sugar if you wish.  The rest of the Coffee Diet plan requires eating a reduced calorie diet based on your gender and weight.