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Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Review

The Diet

diets for quick weight loss, the Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle diet does not provide a one size fits all menu. The 340-page program guide includes an extremely thorough questionnaire that is taken at the very beginning of the diet. The answers to these questions identify the dieter's body weight and type, their level of activity and their individual goals. From this information, different foods are identified as being appropriate for the dieter. This targeted, individual approach is one of the keys to the diet's success.

The book goes into infinitesimal detail on what foods should and should not be eaten and why; it also stresses the need for adequate water intake. Its food choices are focused on healthy lean protein, lots of fresh vegetables, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, all of which are supported by scientific research that is cited.

Though the menus that are provided are simple to understand and follow, the amount of information provided can be quite overwhelming. The goal of the program is to take poor eating habits and turn them around permanently, and it does that for those who are not intimidated by the vast amount of information.

The Exercises

The other important aspect of the Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Diet is exercise. The diet relies on the introduction of consistent exercise, both cardio and resistance training, to ensure that you are burning enough calories and don't have to restrict your caloric intake too strenuously. This is important because the diet teaches that cutting calories too much forces your body into starvation mood, slowing the metabolism and halting fat burning.

By not only burning calories but building lean, active muscle through the resistance training, the diet claims that your body burns fat even when it is at rest.

It also teaches that you can eat more because of the amount of exercising that you are doing. Many of the most successful diets maintain this same theory.


Unlike many of the
diets for quick weight loss, the Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle diet does not promote taking supplements. In fact, with the exception of encouraging the consumption of multi vitamins and fish oil, Tom Venuto takes a very negative view of diets that claim that supplements are necessary.

His nutritional emphasis is on improving the healthiness of the general diet permanently. Where this diet is truly different is on the emphasis of the dieter's outlook. An enormous amount of the program teaches the importance of setting goals and conditioning yourself mentally to achieve them. The approach is effective, but overall it can be overwhelming, both in its overall enthusiasm and the enormous amount of information it piles on.

For many dieters, the clear steps and motivation is an approach that works, but for others, it may be too much to take in.

The Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle diet is one of the best-selling diet programs in the world, and has been for several years.

The program was created by Tom Venuto, a bodybuilding champion with years of experience in personal training, nutrition and motivation. It is based on two major cornerstones; one is that every dieter's nutritional needs are different and each person responds differently to different foods; the other is that building lean muscle allows you to consistently burn fat, even when you are at rest.

Combining these two theories with a tremendous amount of information and expert motivation has created one of the most successful diets on the market today.

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Review